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Episode 101- The Pilot

It's the last weekend of summer break. Every teen is trying to get that last minute fun in before school starts back but things don't go as plan when Javonna having trouble getting her mom's Mercedes Benz back turns deadly.

TV MA   |    62 mins   |  October 3, 2019   |


Tensions begins to build between Javonna and Beaunique. Geo is sprung out over Ronetta. Demarion and Yasmin's fate takes an unlikely turn.

Episode 102- Settlin' In
TV MA   |    49 mins   |  October 17, 2019   |
Episode 103- Two Birds with One Stone
TV MA   |    49 mins   |  November 4, 2019   |

Ronetta returns. Dalorean's is laid to rest and things take an even more turn for the worse.

Episode 104- New Beginnings
TV MA   |    59 mins   |  November 24, 2019   |

Kaeshon is desperate to find the Mercedes Benz. Dark secrets comes to light and the girls adjust to new chapters in their lives.

Episode 105- A World of Fantasies
TV MA   |    54 mins   |  January 26, 2020   |

Its Spirit Week as students prepare for Homecoming. Beaunique is in search of Trey's love interest. Demarion is trying to find out new leads on his brother's murder.

Episode 106- Homecoming (AWOF)
TV MA   |   68 mins   |  April 23, 2020   |

It's Homecoming Night. Kaeshon and gang puts their plans in motion. The girls run into some unexpected trouble and Geo takes a turn for the worst.

Episode 107- Closing Walls
TV MA   |    50 mins   |  August 3, 2020   |

The pressure is on for some as loyalty and trust are put to the test and then some.

Episode 108- Different Vibes
TV MA   |    101 mins   |  January 24, 2021   |

Geo finds himself in uncomfortable territory. The girls are face with more challenges and Kaeshon is on an even more deadlier mission.

Season 1 EXTRAS

A coming of age animated urban drama series revolving around teens (Beaunique, Javonna, Ronetta, Geo, and others) as that try to navigate through the struggles of teen life from school all the way to the deadly streets.

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Things heat up after Beaunique's incident. The girls find themselves in even more danger. Geo faces a new reality.

TV MA   |    73 mins   |  August 12, 2021   |
Episode 109- So Many Questions
Episode 110- The End Game
TV MA   |    62 mins   |  January 8, 2023  |

A house party takes unexpected turns where no is safe or trustworthy.